The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The colloections displayed here include more than five thousand works of art. The works displayed here span thousands of years and diverse world cultures.
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Le Louvre

This is the official website of the famous museum located in the heart of Paris. Offering online ticket sales, information on events and activities, take a virutal tour and view collections online.
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Museum of Modern Art

Founded in 1929 as an educational institution this Museaum is a valuable resource in the modern art world. They encourage enjoyment and a deeper understanding of modern art.
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Vatican Museums

Official site of the famous Vatican Museums and cultural institutions of the Holy See. Offering online tours of the collections of artwork with a unique ability to zoom in to get a closer look.
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Painting The Representation of Artist Mastery
The importance of painting throughout our history can not be understated so learn more about its history and different types. more →
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