When you visit Google or one of the dozens of other Google domains, you'll be able to find information in many different languages; check stock quotes, maps, and news headlines; lookup phonebook...
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Founded in 1994 by Stanford Ph.D. students David Filo and Jerry Yang, Yahoo! began as a hobby and has evolved into a leading global brand that has changed the way people communicate with each...
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Alta Vista

Online search service provider for websites. Alta Vista searches for new technologies to improve the relevancy of search results and quickly provide those results to web searchers.
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Bing is the evolution in Microsoft Search providing consumers with easy access to information relevant to their searches. Spend less time searching and more time finding what is relevant to you.
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Providing an internet search tool that looks across the internet for information related to queries. A resource to help the web community find content and related information to thier interests.
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Dogpile fetches and compiles the results from multiple search engines, allowing you to pool the resources of several search engines into one source for pictures, audio, video, news, and phone numbers.
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Matt Cutts Video with Tips for Small Business Owners
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A short video that explains the importance of using an ALT attribute to describe graphics based images you use with internet content. more →
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Lightning Round Video with Matt Cutts
Matt Cutts speaks out by answering questions related to bold vs strong, duplicate content, blogspot domains and .edu links. more →
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Matt Cutts Discusses Snippets Video
The informative Matt Cutts definitely knows his stuff when it comes to Google and webspam. As head of the Webspam Team he offers his insights on the topic of Snippets. more →
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Matt Cutts Discusses Webmaster Tools Video
The head of the Webspam team Matt Cutts discusses different methods for optimizing your site for Google. This is part of Matt Cutts video series and is one you should see if you have a website. more →
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