Internet Mental Health

Encyclopedia of information and articles on various mental disorders, research, treatments and medications.
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National Mental Health Association

Non-profit organization dedicated to assisting all people in living mentally healthier lives and promoting mental wellness in all people to achieve a victory over mental illnesses.
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Mental Health Matters

Offering information and resources relevant to mental health for professionals, consumers, supporters and students.
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Holistic Counseling Albany

Holistic counseling methods in a gentle and safe environment which allows patients to be who they are and become exactly who they want to be. Offers free consultations.
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Adult ADHD

Learn about how to diagnose adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as treat it and helpful medications.
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Every Person Born with Unique Talent
A number of people really feel that they have no special talent for anything. Can anyone be born so without talent? more →
By Aug 29, 2008 Mental Health
Are You Stress Prone
Didn’t you think that stress of any kind was bad and should be avoided? Well, here’s news for you. Stress can be good too. Some amount of stress is a part of everyday living. In fact, in small amounts stress can be a positive force, enabling you to meet your deadlines. more →
By Apr 30, 2008 Mental Health
Take A Mental Break
Face it, sometimes the rush, rush, rush of daily life takes it toll and you just get mentally fatigued. Revive yourself with a mental break. more →
By Apr 30, 2008 Mental Health
Thought Stopping
You've heard the old saying, 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Modify it and you'll get, 'All stress and no relaxation makes Jack a dead guy.' more →
By Apr 30, 2008 Mental Health
What are the Limits of Human Imagination?
Are there any limits to the amazing things which are possible with the power of our imagination. more →
By Apr 18, 2008 Mental Health

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