Matthew Marin - RI Criminal Defense Lawyer

Lawyer Matthew T. Marin provides those arrested in Rhode Island with highly skilled, professional and vigorous representation in criminal cases.
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John T. Floyd

Houston criminal lawyer ready to defend individuals and businesses under investigation for serious state and federal crimes in Houston, in the state of Texas, and nationwide.
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RI Drug Lawyer Matthew Marin

RI Drug Lawyer Matthew Marin provides clients arrested in Rhode Island with highly skilled, professional and vigorous representation.
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Matching those in need with the right criminal defense attorney that has the know how to handle the situation. Criminal defense attorney's can help to understand the situation and explain options...
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MK Bailey Law

Offers experienced legal counsel prepared and certified assist clients through all phases of litigation process in all seventy seven counties and northern Texas. The blog provides legal updates and...
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Chase Law Group

With a team assigned to every case not a single attorney with the resources, experience and creative strategies to get the best possible outcome. Handling only criminal defense cases.
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Caramanna Friedberg Barristers and Solicitors LLC

A leading criminal defense law firm located in Toronto, Ontario specializing in providing expert legal advice while protecting the rights of individuals facing criminal and quasi-criminal charges...
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Law Office of Roger P. Foley, P.A.

A criminal defense law firm with offices in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton which handles criminal, DUI, and traffic cases in southeast Florida.
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David M. Edelstein, P.A.

Criminal defense attorney practicing and representing clients in both federal and state courts. Formerly a public defender he works exclusively with criminal defense in Florida.
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Andy Nolen

Houston criminal defense lawyer with over 15 years of experience plus federal and state licensing.
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Douglas C. McNabb

Houston based attorney who defendes individuals and businesses charged with federal crimes.
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Hinton Bailey Bond, LLP

Based in Houston this law firm represents individuals, businesses and government entities in matters related to crime.
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Kearney Wynn Law Firm

Representing individuals and businesses in federal and state criminal matters while based in Fort Worth.
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Richard T. Bell & Associates, P.C.

Sugar Land criminal defense attorney with agressive representation to defend the rights of clients.
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Potter Criminal Defense

Criminal defense attorney with over 30 years of professional experience with criminal issues such as domestic violence, pandering, prostitution, drug charges, and casino markers.
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