Biographical database or Who's Who which tracks the entire world. Allowing its users to search through profiles and biographies of people who are famous, noteworthy, living and dead.
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Official website of the Biography Channel, offering multimedia biographies of influential and famous people, videos, photo galleries, materials for educators and much more.
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Canadian Biography Online

The Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online provides visitors with searchable biographies of people that played historical roles in the formation of Canada. Multilingual versions in both English...
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Biographical Dictionary

Offering information on more than 25,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world.
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Biography Center

Find information in this multi-lingual biographical directory.
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International Biographical Centre

Find general and specific biographical titles related to today's leading personalities.
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Famous Artists

The biographies of famous artists are discussed including those who started different art movements throughout history plus those artisans whose work still lives and breathes and inspires today.
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