Crime Spider

Providing an online tool that searches for the best crime and law enforcement resources on teh web, then categorizes that information by topic. This directory of crime covers various topics such...
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Court TV's Crime Library

Information on major crimes with stories and photos. Read coverage on famous lawmen and notorious criminals. Providing crime reports updated daily with breaking national and international news.
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Offering you news, articles, essays, and links which includes arguments, statistics, and information about specific issues.
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Crime Magazine

An magazine featuring information and stories from prisons to assassinations, celebrity crime to gangsters, fugitives to the unjustly convicted.
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Australian based information service on crime trying to make the world a safer place while providing a database of convicted criminals, con artists, frauds, scams, paedophiles, sex offenders,...
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Smoking Gun

Offering information from public documents via the freedom of information act on crimes, celebrities, politicians, and the FBI.
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Criminal Justice Degree

Information about different types of criminal justice degree programs and careers. Discover schools near you or online that offer criminal justice degrees.
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