Rural Womyn Zone

This site offers an online community for rural feminists. With message boards, chat and resource links which can be of use to women in non-urban areas of the United States and Canada.
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Offering web content for women with online chat, health, beauty, fitness, parenting, working from home, jobs, money, relationships, games, astrology, sex and more.
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UNICEF: Gender Equality

UNICEF offers resources, information, statistics and reports which deal with the issues of gender equality globally.
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Offering the content from the 24 hour cable network Oxygen while trying to bridge the gap between women and media in a new way that emphasized humor heart and honesty.
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Institute for Women's Policy Research

This non-profit organization focuses on researching policy issues which are of importance for women. Areas of policy include welfare, poverty, health, family, work, employment and domestic violence.
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This community site provides news and opportunities for women to share on political issues which affect their lives. With a directory of businesses owned by women, resources and news.
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Be Careful For What You Wish For
The women’s liberation movement of the 60’s and 70’ opened many doors for women in the business world and gave women the freedom to express themselves without fear. more →
By Dec 30, 2008 Women
Mom VS Working Mom: The Battle Rages On
Stay-at-home mom is such a politically correct term. It used to be just “housewife” and many women were proud to be called by that name. more →
By Dec 30, 2008 Women
Intriguing Ways to Flirt With a Guy
Any woman can drive men crazy by flirting if you only know how. Find out some great tips on how to flirt with guys so you can reel them in. more →
By Jan 30, 2008 Women
How To Tell When A Guy Likes You
You may sometimes feel that guys are hard to read and wonder does he like you. Here are some tell-tale signs that your guy is interested to help you in your quest for Mr. Right. more →
By Dec 11, 2007 Women
The 60 Second Test To Tell When A Man Likes You
There are easy ways to get the answer to that old question of “Does he like me?” You just need to know how to detect the tell-tale signs. If you want to easily detect when a man is interested, just read on. more →
By Dec 3, 2007 Women

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